Empowering Women in Media

The Road Still Unpaved: Empowering Women in Media

While strides have been made to realize equality, there are still miles to go. One of those areas where the road is not yet paved is in the arena of empowering women in media. With organizations like the Crown Coalition and leaders like Rashida Ashley, however, we are getting closer to making equality a reality.

Rashida Ashley is a talented writer, performer, and artist, among many other things. Although Rashida Ashley may not consider herself a leader, the truth is, through her own work and efforts to empower women in media, she has become just that. In addition to supporting groups like the Crown Coalition and forging success in her various artistic mediums, she has also become an example of the efforts of organizations like the Crown Coalition.

The road to equality isn't built all at once, but one brick, one mile, and sometimes even one step at a time. From her accomplishments to her message, to the art she produces, that road becomes a little easier, and we all get a little closer to a level playing field for everyone. That means equal opportunities for not only women, but also men of color and for the underrepresented peoples of every age, gender, and background.

If you would like to learn more about Rashida Ashley or the Crown Coalition, contact her today to find out how to get involved or support the movement of equality for all. Also, feel free to contact Rashida Ashley if you need help with artistic compositions like lyrical verse or to learn more about her art and various forms of artistic expression.