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Freelance Digital Content Creator

Are you in the process of launching your business or nonprofit organization? Maybe you are rebranding, launching a new product, hosting an event, advocating for an important cause, or partnering up with other individuals or businesses. Whether you are in the process of doing one or all of the actions described above, you are going to need some assistance in getting the word out there for your project. That's where I would be happy to oblige!

Old Books

I have written features, news briefs and articles for comedians, actors, female entrepreneurs, fashion designers, musicians, authors, nonprofits, community leaders, influencers, doctors, athletes, magazines and brands.

What do all of these entities have in common?

Every single person I've interviewed or event I attended, book I've read, song I listened to (you get the gist) has been created to invoke positive change through the work they do. 

My job in all of these projects?

To ensure that each story gets told in a way that is original and engaging for their audiences.

I am a writer who incorporates creativity and storytelling into informative texts with the purpose of invoking change within not only our communities but the overall world around us.

Prior to embarking on a career in freelance writing I was an elementary school teacher, before that I was a volunteer for a nonprofit organization, then came being a personal trainer and before that I was a supervisor and now I am a working actor as well as a writer.  

Why do I bring all of this up?

Well, it's simple really. 

You need someone who can not only write but who can also write to your audiences. 

My past and current experiences have exposed me to people from all walks of life and ages, whether I've had to speak to them or become them.

This exposure has led the groundwork for empathy, understanding, creativity and support.

With these preliminaries I provide written texts, large or small, delivering information  that is appealing to the mind and heart. 

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