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Motivational Writing

Meet Black Opera Singer: Rashida Ashley

Opera singers are some of the most talented and versatile vocalists in the world. Opera singers have to be able to sing with emotion and passion, as well as act and express themselves through their singing. And, this is what you get when you see the performances of Rashida Ashley.

Rashida Ashley is a black opera singer who performs with great vocal technique, in which she is able control her voice, sing with power and projection, and hit all the right notes. Through her performances she expresses emotion and passion, connecting with the story and expressing the characters' feelings through her singing. 

Her stage presence is awe inspiring. Effortlessly, she is able to command the stage and hold the audience's attention, projecting her voice and moving around the stage without losing focus or control.

Rashida Ashley just released first single “Tell Me a Story”. Her intention to make others feel completely seen, supported, and empowered to follow their dreams has led her to be featured in Bronze Magazine's June 2021 edition for African American Music Appreciation Month. Rashida's work has also been featured in the Black Women in Media newsletter December 2021. 

As a black opera singer, she also has a passion for motivational writing. Through her motivational writing, she hopes to create a trauma-healed, empowered, and informed world where supporters feel motivated to pursue their ambitions.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing black opera singer, contact her today. Also, feel free to contact Rashida Ashley if you need help with artistic compositions like lyrical verse or to learn more about her motivational writing.

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