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Based in the artistic city of New York, Rashida Ashley is a Soul R&B singer, poet, writer, and lyricist. She is also an actress, model, and speaker based in NYC. She stands in solidarity to see growth in the progression of Black lives, female empowerment, natural hair, LGBTQ+ rights, mental health, education, and having a healthy and spiritual life.
Her passion for writing has a lot to do with her spiritual journey. She finds that the two entails tremendous self-work to become one’s most true authentic self. As a writer consciously writes stories describing the development of characters and situations that challenge them and how those institutions metamorphize, spiritual development entails the exact individuals and situations most writers are so eager to sit and scribe. Rashida furthered her education by studying English at Queens College where she honed her skills as a writer.
Her journey with music began from a young age with her father, who is a musician and music producer, training her in their home-based studio as her vocal coach. During her adolescent years, she was heavily involved in her school's musical theatre programs and Acapella group. Her struggles with her weight have inspired a healthy and active lifestyle where she enjoys yoga, dance, Muay Thai, and hiking. On October 23, 2020, she released her first single Tell Me a Story. Her intention to make others feel completely seen, supported, and empowered to follow their dreams has led her to be featured in Bronze Magazine's June 2021 edition for African American Music Appreciation Month. Rashida's work has also been featured in the Black Women in Media newsletter December 2021. She is also currently working towards her Master's degree in Creative Writing while also practicing opera at New York University.

Ms. Ashley...

The Mission

To invoke change within not only our communities but the overall world around us through artistry, wellness, beauty, social justice, education and empowerment.


The Road Still Unpaved: Empowering Women in Media

Empowering Women in Media

While strides have been made to realize equality, there are still miles to go. One of those areas where the road is not yet paved is in the arena of empowering women in media. With organizations like the Crown Coalition and leaders like Rashida Ashley, however, we are getting closer to making equality a reality.

Rashida Ashley is a talented writer, performer, and artist, among many other things. Although Rashida Ashley may not consider herself a leader, the truth is, through her own work and efforts to empower women in media, she has become just that. In addition to supporting groups like the Crown Coalition and forging success in her various artistic mediums, she has also become an example of the efforts of organizations like the Crown Coalition.

The road to equality isn't built all at once, but one brick, one mile, and sometimes even one step at a time. From her accomplishments to her message, to the art she produces, that road becomes a little easier, and we all get a little closer to a level playing field for everyone. That means equal opportunities for not only women, but also men of color and for the underrepresented peoples of every age, gender, and background.

If you would like to learn more about Rashida Ashley or the Crown Coalition, contact her today to find out how to get involved or support the movement of equality for all. Also, feel free to contact Rashida Ashley if you need help with artistic compositions like lyrical verse or to learn more about her art and various forms of artistic expression.


"To bring in a new life you must be willing to let some things end.


The end is the dawn of new love.


Pay attention and study the signs."

LGBTQ+ African American Writer

The Vision

To live in a world rooted in equality, representation, empowerment, inclusion, and fairness.

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