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Dreams Coming True, Out of the Bayou and to You!

(Tiana’s Palace is in the Works at Disneyland Park Later this Year)

By: Rashida Ashley

Curious to know what comes of making your dreams come true? Well, you’re just about to find out. The French Market Restaurant at Disneyland Park is in the process of transformation, as it is being turned into Tiana’s Palace! To make this all come together, French Market Restaurant and Mint Julep Bar will be closed beginning February 17, 2023. Along with the reopening, Mint Julep Bar will also return. So you might taste Tiana’s soft sweet beignets or even her famous savory gumbo, made with family in mind. This dining experience is destined to be a quick-service restaurant. Its menu will provide the best of the best New Orleans cuisine while putting some good juju on current and seasonal flavors, with guests welcome to see Tiana in New Orleans Square. Get ready to grab somebody and come on down to have some fun and bring people from all walks of life together for some good food.

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