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‘Giving Our Bodies the Love They Deserve:’ Dove Launches Body Love Collection

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

By: Rashida Ashley

For almost two decades, Dove has worked to build confidence and self-esteem in women and girls by making a positive relationship with beauty universally accessible. Most of us are quite familiar with Dove’s campaign for Real Beauty in 2004. This campaign was aimed at building confidence in women and young children. Although this campaign was a huge success and made a long-lasting impact, Dove saw full well that there was more work to be done. In fact, new research from Dove has shown that three out of four women in the US have been body shamed. As a result, this occurrence has created powerful feelings of anxiety and negativity in our country’s women.

To take a stand to evoke change, Dove decided to act by launching a panel called ‘Giving Our Bodies the Love They Deserve.’ This discussion was led in The Beauty Room on Clubhouse by makeup artist and beauty consultant Jaleesa Jaikaran along with Dove Self-Esteem Project Ambassador Jess Wiener, professional photographer, and energy healer Nikki Gomez, and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara. This thought-provoking discussion highlighted a much-needed shift away from body judgment and into body love through self-care and body care. This includes the NEW Dove Body Love Collection. This collection is a great way to show your temple some TLC no matter what mood you’re in by combining self-care for your skin and you!

To weigh in on the importance of body and self-care, together the panelists unpacked what it means to body shame and at the same time relayed their own personal stories. At one point during the conversation Jess Weiner points out, “We share this language of body shame and I think what is really important for us to remember is that this is such an individual and unique journey and we’re not alone.” What’s interesting is the fact that this loathing can be found under one roof – online. Studies have found that the biggest target of body shaming is a woman’s weight along with many other factors.

Due to our society becoming more visual, based in part on what we see on social media, we are able to notice and put on display our own negative views about ourselves and others with a single comment or post. As a result, one can’t help but be consumed through the funnel of negativity and shame. However, it does not, and should not, end there. Together as women and allies we can pull ourselves out of the vortex of self-doubt through community, ownership, and holding space.

Although our personal journey and stories of dealing with weight loss, a pimple, hair loss, or even eczema can be stressful, we can also find comfort in knowing that we are not alone and that we all have a community of people who can either understand what we are going through or sympathize. Nikki Gomez beautifully stated that “We’re perpetuating that belief system within ourselves. So, the more we can even be conscious of the language we use when we’re talking about our own bodies and our image, the more likely we are to actually shift our mindset around it.” Finding community and holding space for others not only brings on a feeling of support but of accountability for a better frame of mind. Even if you are not a part of a formal community of women or peers, paying attention to the language your loved ones use when they talk about themselves or others can make a huge impact, even if the gesture seems small at first. “I do think these conversations should keep going,” says Dr. Gohara. “What’s so special about Dove is that they’ve taken the guesswork out of body love for us because they’re starting a conversation and they’re also providing products for our skin that are good for us. I think it’s great to just get started, accept it, and give yourself the ability to start loving your body.” Holding space for ourselves allows for others to hold space as well.

Dr. Gohara’s remark on keeping the conversation going made me think, ‘What if we did?’ Self and body care are things we all must deal with at some point in our day. That care goes into how we speak to ourselves and care for ourselves, or lack thereof. So, let’s keep the conversation going, it starts with YOU. What better way is there to treat your body and mind right with a discussion about self-care and one of Dove’s amazing new body lotions to solidify the occasion?

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